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Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year is best for palm tree maintenance in Florida?

Florida is genrally a year round growing season. However we do have a "rainy" season in October, November and December. It does get a bit cooler in the winter months, however you can still trim and prune then.

How often should I have my palm trees trimmed?

Every tree grows at a different rate, which means trimming time can vary a bit. Generally, pruning every 3 to 5 years is best.

I need new pal trees installed in my Central Florida business. How soon can you get to my commercial property?

We do have a schedule however, we will do all we can to fit you in as fast as possible.

Can Plant It Palms advise me as to the types of palm trees that will work best on my Central Florida property?

Absolutely. We specialize in palm tree installation and will be able to tell you what look and landscape design will work best for your property.

My residence needs palm tree managemamt in Lakeland, Florida. How soon can you get here? How do I go about scheduleing a visit?

You can call us at (863) 777-1822. Or you can contact us by clicking here.

What if I just want a tree stump removed. Can you help me with that?

Absolutelly. just contact us and we will get ack to you as sson as we can.

How are plant packed for shipping?

With our state of the art packaging we can ensure that your new plant arrives in style. Before leaving our yard all palm trees are inspected, watered and pruned if necessary. Some taller trees may be topped to facilitate shipping. Your new plant is bagged to keep the soil moist and to ensure that the soil stays in the pot, not loose in the truck.

How large are the pots that the palm trees come in?

Most plants designated with a (-2g, -8, -6, -4,) will arrive in a large 8 inch, standard 8 inch, 6 inch, 4 inch growers pot respectively, the color and style of these pots will vary. We are very proud to introduce our new, reusable, recyclable deep cells, 7 to 14 inches deep and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Products growing in these cells are easy to transplant and allow for deeper roots, faster growth and are designated with a (-7, -9, -14). Several of our larger landscape plants are grown in 10 inch and 8 inch deep tree pots wich are 3 to 4 inches in diameter and are designated with a (-tc3 or -tc4).