Palm Tree Removal

Palm tree removal is serious business and can be very dangerous. You should never try to do this alone or without the right type of equipment.


Call Plant It Palms to get the job done correctly.


The last thing you want toto is end up either damaging yourself or your precious property. 

There are countless reports of home owner and commercial property owners hurting themselves and other people by trying to do this alone. 

We are professionals and have been doing this for a very long time. We understand it takes planning, the safest equipment and a diligent team of palm tree experts to get your tree down safely. 

So be smart and give us a call. 

Address: 4100 State Rd 60 East Mulberry Fl 33860

Phone: (863) 777-1822

Plant It Palms, LLC

Address: 4100 FL-60 East Mulberry Fl 33860

Phone: (863) 777-1822

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