Palm Tree Care Florida

Your palm trees need proper care and maintenance. They do not remain beautiful on their own. They need trimming, pruning, and upkeep. We can make it happen. 


Plant It Palms offers professional and experienced tree relocation. We handle your tree or trees with great care, making sure that they are looked after and maintained. 


We take care of your commercial property in Central Florida as if it were our own. Whether the contract is federal or local we will give you our very best performance.


We are here to give you a quote today. Please look at our list of palm tree care services:


Palm Tree Installation
Palm Tree Relocations

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Trimming


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Palm Trees

There are numerous benefits to having trees on your property be it residential or commercial. Trees help maintain or increase property values. Since they produce shade, trees can help with lowering energy costs. Healthy trees have the ability to assist in protecting your residence or commercial property from storms as well as assisting in the reduction of pollution. Moreover, trees soak up precipitation, which holds the moisture on the landscape versus the water being lost locally as runoff.


For all the reasons mentioned above, it is certainly worth it to maintain your trees with regular care. For the most part mulching and pruning will make the difference for your trees. Mulching helps reduce weeds and keeps water from evaporating or running off. It is also an excellent defense against soil erosion. Pruning should be such that the goal is to create one main trunk as trees are stronger with one as opposed to multiple trunks. In any pruning endeavor, make sure the pruning is not too major a job as it will be too much of a shock to the tree.