Palm Tree Installations

You may need one palm tree or an entire grove planted. We can make it happen. 


Plant It Palms offers professional and experienced large palm tree installations. We handle your palm tree or trees with great care, making sure that they grow deep roots and stay healthy after they are planted.

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Palm Trees

You may need one large palm tree or an entire grove planted. It is best to be strategic ahead of time and create a plan based on your property’s particular setting, where it is advantageous to have shade, and wind levels to name a few factors to keep in mind.

Crane service is required for some of our orders because some trees are far too heavy for people to lift. 

If you buy palm trees from Plant It Palms, each tree has a varying height that requires the assistance of machine installation. We have partnerships with local crane operators and work with other crane companies out of our local area.


In thinking ahead about your particular setting, do you want to shade a particular section of your commercial or residential property during the summer?

Keep in mind that air conditioning units are more efficient if they are in the shade during the warm months. When you think about the future of the palm tree, will it later obscure a security light’s ability to show you what is going on outside your house or commercial property or later cover your solar panels with too much shade?


Power lines or other wires above and below ground need serious consideration. If you are thinking to plant near a road and there is a chance that the tree will need maintenance by your municipal services, it may be wise to plant your large trees back from the road a bit, especially if there are sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots nearby. Some trees will be too large for placement near power lines because of the maintenance involved.


In addition, tree roots do their best when they are unimpeded by asphalt. If the roots grow too close to pavement, they will not only have the potential to crack the asphalt at some point in the future, they will potentially not grow as strong a root system as possible leaving the trees more vulnerable in storms and high winds. If you are planting trees in locations that traditionally have high winds during some portion of the year, then it might be worth planting more than one in the same area as they offer protection one to the next.


Watering schedules will depend on the season in which you plant your palm tree(s). Therefore, incorporate that information into your project plans.


In addition, there is something to be said for keeping a focus on palm trees that are native to central Florida as they have increased sustainability on their side and are generally lower maintenance than those that are not indigenous.