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Plant It Palms offers professional and experienced tree relocation. We handle your tree or trees with great care, making sure that they grow deep roots and stay healthy after they are moved. 

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Palm Trees

There are a number of factors to take into account when working on tree relocation. These include the setting in which the tree was originally grown and the season when transplanting will occur. Trees are generally grown one of two ways: in containers or in fields. If you have a tree coming from a container and you are living in Central Florida or the surrounding area, then it is probably possible to plant a tree almost any time of year as long as the ground hasn’t frozen. It may seem counter-intuitive, but planting trees in the fall and winter months actually can assist them because the trees get a chance to develop their root systems before it becomes hot outside. Hot temperatures and the resulting dry conditions found in late spring and summer can often stress trees and impede their root system growth.


If a tree is grown in a field nursery, then more factors would be ideal to consider, such as whether or not the roots of a particular tree are coarse or fine. For example, elm trees have fine roots whereas oaks have more coarse roots. It is worth knowing this kind of information as trees with fine roots are most generally able to be planted all year round. However, coarse-rooted trees have greater success in being transplanted if they are dug up when they are dormant.


Another factor to keep in mind is the length of time from when a tree is dug up to when it is sold. Whether your tree has coarse or fine roots, it matters the way in which the roots are managed. Most trees have their roots dug up in a ball and then the ball is covered with burlap. These roots in the burlap balls start to regenerate with some time. Trees dug up in balls and covered with burlap but not given any time to adapt to their new condition have a higher propensity to fail if their watering schedule is not tended to with great care. In addition, regarding burlap itself, there are different burlap materials available some more biodegradable than others. The more biodegradable the more eco-friendly the material is. However, it is also more pragmatic because you can have confidence that the tree roots will have freedom to grow through the material and not be confined.


Plant-It-Palms can help you think through all the variables for your specific situation. Different trees have different seasons when their roots do best. For example, some actually do best growing their roots in summer such as the magnolia. A lot of times roots and new shoots don’t happen at the same time. Plant-It-Palm staff work regularly at growing and managing trees in your area and have local knowledge about successful growing.


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