Palm Trimming

You may need one palm tree or an entire grove of palms trimmed in Central Florida. We can make it happen.

Plant It Palm offers professional and experienced Palm Trimming. We have been perfecting the art and science of trimming for over a combined 30 years.  


Due to being in the Florida lawn and construction business for generations now, we know how to handle your trees with great care, making sure that they grow deep roots and stay healthy after they are trimmed.


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Different trees will need different nutrients and schedules for fertilization. For example, palms (which are not actually classified as trees) ideally would be fertilized four times a year versus other trees that would be fine with less. Palms have deficiencies at times in elements such as magnesium, potassium, or nitrogen. Having your soil tested is generally a useful way to get a handle on what your tree is lacking. Adhering to a fixed fertilizing schedule will help get and keep your palm healthy. If your palm is already healthy, fertilizing it regularly will assist it in maintaining its strength and vibrant color.


Pruning trees is an important part of caring for trees and for your property. Trees that are native to Florida may need less maintenance since they are more used to the weather than those not native to Florida. However, they will still require pruning or trimming at times. Palms have their own trimming needs. Some will shed their own leaves and will not require much pruning. Those that don’t shed their leaves will need manual assistance. Be careful not to have the palm leaves pruned too much as the leaves are what help the palm make its energy.