Preparing For Your Project

You want to be prepared for your project.

Please make sure that there is either a map of the area to be worked on or a very clear description. We check in with each customer to make sure that follow our instructions.

Make sure that you follow this checklist for the day of your project:


1. Please make sure all live wires are safely secured.


2. Make sure you have sent us a very clear description of what you want to be done and how you want it carried out.


3. Understand that you may need to divert foot traffic by requesting flagging and barricades ahead of time if the project is large enough.



Preparing for Your Project Ahead of Time:

Customers are usually most satisfied with the end result of their project if they give themselves time to plan for various parts of the project ahead of time. Plant-It-Palms is here to help you with your plan.


Various Planning Steps to Consider Prior to Getting a Project Done:



Prior to getting down to brass tacks, it may be that you would like a consultation on your project, such as the logistical feasibility of a particular landscaping design for your commercial property. Plant-It-Palms welcomes the opportunity to hear your ideas and assist in creating plans. If the project is a major one involving the planting of over fifty palm trees, then a more comprehensive consultation and the drawing up of detailed architectural plans over time by a licensed landscape architect may be helpful.


Free Quotes:

Between Plant-It-Palms staff and our associated contractors, you are able to receive a professional quote for the project you have been envisioning prior to the start of the project. Requesting a quote is an effective way to converse about the details of your project and make sure that Plant-It-Palms is aware of all aspects of the project you want to be completed.

Confirm Plan with Plant-It-Palms:

Whether or not you directly request a Plant-It-Palms quote, it is best to confirm that clear information about all your plans exists in writing and is available for all relevant parties, especially if the project is moderate to large in scale.


Soil Testing:

If your goal incorporates living things such as lawn grass, plants, trees, or farm plots for food, it may be worth getting your soil analyzed. For example, you may already have enough phosphorous in your soil such that you would perhaps do well to buy fertilizer for your lawn that is low in phosphorous. It will help your palms trees health if you focus on keeping your lawn healthy.


Live Wires:

Live wires may be present on the property where a project is to take places, such as digging holes for new trees. If so, please make sure all live wires are safely secured. Also make sure you tel us were they are.


Barricades or small lawn flags needed when redirecting foot traffic:

If fertilizer or another type of treatment is requested for your lawn for example and temporarily redirecting foot traffic is important, make sure to have barricades or lawn flags to delineate the affected area to be left alone for a portion of the time.

Here are some resources that you can use to get ready for your project with Plant It Palms.


Only certain trees will grow in the climate of Central Florida, but be warned – some can grow too large if planted near power lines. This, of course, presents a very high risk and should be avoided at all costs.

Again, the University of Florida in Gainsville has a series of instructions to follow.



Transplanting PalmTrees

Transplanting trees from one location to another can be tricky. It must be done at the right time of year, and the ground must be prepared in the right way. With the climate and temperature in Central Florida, it is important to do this correctly to ensure the survival of the tree.

For further information, read this University of Florida in Gainsville article.